Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take my hand, step off into the void with me and we'll explore together. I plan to write about things I know and things I have done; but also about things I would like to know and things I would like to do (or, maybe not, but would like to hear about).

In upcoming messages, I'll explore the dangers of anti-freeze/coolant to animals and small children and what we can do to minimize the problem. A man whose job is exploding bombs and mines has agreed to take us into his world. Work as a volunteer in disaster relief has taken me to many states and several nations and there are stories to be mined there. I'm lucky enough to bottle feed and tend orphaned birds, bunnies, ducks, squirrels, rats (yep, rats) and many other wildlife babies. When my two-year-old grandson, Kaden, visits, his opening remarks are: "Grandy! Bunny? Grass?" He likes to see my little wards and help me pick grass for the bunnies.

Many of my experiences are humorous (at least when I look back on them) and I'd like to share them with you. Since the funniest stories are often the most embarrassing, in the next blog I'll start with "Graduation and the Two Different Shoes."

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